2006: Peru

In November 2006, the Continental Crossings team traveled to Yavina, Peru to meet the community and to collect the data necessary for the project completion. Information was gathered on the hydraulics, geology, and topography of the site. While on site, the team investigated the needs and expectations of the community as well as determined the required bridge loadings and traffic volumes.  Community input was an integral aspect of Continental Crossing’s preliminary efforts. During the initial trip to Yavina, the team held two main community meetings with the leaders. The people present consisted of Americo, a representative of the Peruvian nonprofit organization Ayuda en Accion, approximately 50 members of the local community including both men and women, and the Continental Crossings team. It quickly became apparent the main community concern was that a safe bridge would be constructed for children to use on their walk to and from school. The community also wanted a crossing that was structurally sound and could transport livestock, such as sheep.

That summer, the team traveled back to Yavina with a bridge design in tow, and ready to start what would become a legacy for Iowa Engineering!  The Peru bridge was the launching point for Continental Crossings, and our prized organization has been a proud part of the University of Iowa’s College of Engineering ever since!