Travel Team 2017: Week 0: Pre-Travel Excitement!

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Nicaragua, Here We Come! Our 2017 Travel Team is ready and rearing to go! We set out today, Saturday June 17th, for Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, where we will stay a few days before traveling on to the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua, to San Ramón.  This summer, our travel team will be repairing two bridges in the San Ramón region.  …

Week 5

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On Sunday, we needed a day off, but the deck boards were not completely screwed in yet. That meant that we spent the first half of the day working. By one o’clock, it was all finished and lunch was ready. While eating lunch, people from the community came to invite us to a soccer game against the neighboring community of …

Week 4- Let’s lay some decking!

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After our trip to Matagalpa, the team divided to conquer. Aaron went to Managua on an early morning bus to pick up Justin Guevara, one of our three travel mentors for this trip, from the airport. Justin is staying with us for 2 weeks and is a bridge engineer for Kiewit. He was a member of the Kiewit team that …

Week 1

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After arriving in Nicaragua with no problems, Ethan and I stopped having good fortune. Upon arriving in Cinta Verde on Tuesday morning, we found that the excavations had been dug meters away from where we planned on placing the foundation and anchors on one side of the river. Filling in the excavation holes was not an option because in our …


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Well, my bags are packed with surveying equipment and hopefully everything I will need for eight and a half weeks in rural Nicaragua. Throughout the eight and a half weeks, I will try to provide weekly blog posts, but posts may be scattered depending on how often I have access to an internet café with Wifi.   In this blog …

KickStarter Campaign

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Please help out this year’s trip to Cinta Verde and finish off our KickStarter campaign!     For those who have already donated, thank you for your generous support. -Continental Crossings Team

Pancake Breakfast!

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On April 27, 2014 our organization will be hosting a pancake breakfast in Old Brick.  Tickets will be $5.00 at the door.  There will also be a raffle drawing for awesome prizes!  I hope to add more information as we approach the event! Here is a copy of the flier!

Spaghetti Bridge:

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As an organization we have weekly meetings.  At these meetings we have done a lot of work towards the bridges we will build.  We discuss fundraising, bridge design, and the safety regulations as well as bridge building modules.  On February 13, 2014 we built bridges out of spaghetti!  It was a great time for everyone involved.  We split in to …

Heading Home

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Cinta Verde is a gem, surrounded by lucious cloud forest with crystal clear, ice cold rivers coursing down from the towering mountains above. The only problem is that those rivers swell during the rainy season just like the river in Jicaro, isolating over 300 people (175 of whom are children) from reaching Esquipulas and/or the elementary school (where classes are …