Nica Update 5/19

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I had the good fortune of running into some fellas working with Bridges to Prosperity in Matagalpa last night. We had a great time talking bridge stuff late into the night. I also got to spend time with Ryan Hubbard on Friday night, which is always a blast. Ryan is the Peace Corps member who we lived with last summer while building with his community in Jucuapa Occidental.

After a brief meeting with Milosz this morning, I learned that my plans for the next three days will be changing a bit. The original plan was that he would bring us a bunch of tools tomorrow and help us assemble the cable car that we will use to transport materials across the canyon. As it turns out, we will not be able to get those tools until Wednesday, when I travel to Managua to pick up the rest of the team and our bridge cables. This will also delay me moving in with the community until the rest of the team arrives since I won´t have a cot or bug net until then.

Now the plan is for me to spend the nights in Esquipulas, along with Sam and Chepe who are arriving Monday, until we meet up with Milosz on Wednesday. We will make day trips to the site to start work on the high-side foundation alongside the community, who is eager to finally get started building UP instead of digging DOWN.

In other news, yesterday I attempted to eat a double cheese burger that was as big as my head that cost less than three dollars and took them less than three minutes to make. I have also had the first of many bouts of diarrhea that I am expecting on this trip. I have yet to determine how closely related these two events are.


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