Anchors Accomplished

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Tuesday was the day we needed to pour our second anchor, fresh from Managua with the rest of our accelerant, so of course it rained all day. We built a tent and dug drainage canals around the anchor to keep out the water and poured anyway.

It went surprisingly well until we ran out of cement. We we had used nearly 40 bags and were short the final six. To make matters worse, the mayor’s office didn’t have any trucks available to deliver it to us. To make matters worse yet, when we finally located a random man from Esquipulas with a truck big enough to transport the cement and hired him to do so, he got stuck in the mud until we pulled it out with our cable winches two hours later. Despite these holdups we got the cement to site and completed the second anchor. Now we patiently await the curing process so we can hang the cables across the canyon this weekend.

Sam Rhoads joined us on Monday and helped us with the anchor on Tuesday. As the captain of the concrete canoe team at Jackson State University, he offered valuable insight on how to alter our mix ratio to adjust for the rain. Structural engineer, Johann Zimmermann, will join us later today after I order the wood for the bridge in Esquipulas. I am also delighted to be in the company of the always hilarious Peace Corps volunteer, Ryan Hubbard, who is visiting to help us with our new bridge for a few days after we built with him and his community in Jucuapa Occidental last summer. It’s always a fiesta down here.

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  1. Dorothy Kreider

    Laura is teaching me how to leave a reply. We read your blog marveling at your ability to handle such a project. We pray for you. Grandma K

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